Baby Chick Finger Puppet
Pieces Identification:
a. Beak
b. Foot 
c. Wing
d. Face
e. Back of Head
f. Belly
g. Backside

Orange Felt  (Two different shades optional.)
2 kinds of Yellow fabrics  ( at least 3x6 pieces/ Types optional: flannel and fleece shown)
Black design floss
(or 2 small black beads.)
Yellow design floss  (or yellow feather.)
Yellow and orange sewing threads

1. Cut out pattern. 
2. Decide of your two fabrics, which one will be used for the back of the chick and which for the front. (in example fleece was back, flannel was front)
3. Begin tracing your pieces. Remember you will need the following:
1 Beak (felt)
4 wings (2 from both fabrics)
2 Feet  (felt)
2 Face (front fabric)
2 Back of the head (back fabric)
2 Backside (back fabric)
1 Belly (front fabric)

Also keep in mind to flip pieces needing 2 or more, being sure to trace both sides.
4. Cut pieces out, but leave a seam allowance of at least 5/8 of an inch.
5. Set the to the side for a moment. Now if you are choosing to used a feather instead you can skip this step. However, if like the picture you will be using the yellow floss, you'll going to have a little bit of combing ahead of you. Measure yourself out 6 pieces about 1.5 inch long each.  Knot them together at one end and begin to fray the other end/ comb, until you reach desired results.
6. Begin lining up and pinning your pieces. Use diagram below to help.

7. Using fabric matching threads, beginning Sewing . (Referring to above)
First sew edges shown in blue. This will be attaching all your double pieces together. Remember the wings are going to made up of a front and back side, and to keep good sides inside when sewing everything.
At this point you will want to turn wing pieces the right way out.
Now is where it can get a little tricky. You'll be needing to line up your pieces as shown in diagram (purple lines).  Both backside pieces ( g ) should be sewn together at this point, and each of the remaining sides should be lining up on either side of belly ( f ). Pin it together, but before sewing, you will need to insert the wings, in the spots marked with the green lines.  You'll want the front sides of the wings facing the belly.
Before moving on to sew the head, use the black floss to stitch in a set of eyes on the now one face piece. (Use the beads instead if preferred)
Once eyes are on, attach felt beak. Picture shows a zig-zag stitch used to sew it on, but how you do it is up to you.
After that, line up your head pieces. Open the backside and face pieces and line up the sides. All seams should be lining up at top of the chicks head, here  is now will you will be inserting the combed floss (or feather). Keep the knot on the outside while combed part remains inside while you sew it all together.
At this point you should have a total head, body and two feet remaining. Turn all pieces right side out. Providing you know how to do a hidden stitch, you are now ready to hand sew on the head. You'll want to keep raw edges on the inside. Head should be attached right above the wings.
Finally you can stitch on the feet, and your puppet is completed.

 8. Enjoy!

If you should have any questions along the way, feel free to email me.
Click Here for printable copy.